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Currency Buy Sell Profit Open both exchanges
BTC/USDT GateIo Binance 0.01% Open
BTC/USDT GateIo KuCoin 0.00% Open
BTC/USDT GateIo Mexc 0.00% Open
BTC/USDT GateIo Bitmart 0.01% Open
BTC/USDT KuCoin Binance 0.00% Open
BTC/USDT KuCoin Mexc 0.00% Open
BTC/USDT KuCoin Bitmart 0.00% Open
BTC/USDT Mexc Binance 0.00% Open
BTC/USDT Mexc Bitmart 0.00% Open
BTC/USDT Lbank Binance 0.01% Open
BTC/USDT Lbank GateIo 0.00% Open
BTC/USDT Lbank KuCoin 0.00% Open
BTC/USDT Lbank Mexc 0.01% Open
BTC/USDT Lbank Bitmart 0.01% Open
BTC/USDT Bitmart Binance 0.00% Open
ETH/USDT Binance GateIo 0.00% Open
ETH/USDT Binance KuCoin 0.02% Open
ETH/USDT Binance Bitmart 0.01% Open
ETH/USDT GateIo KuCoin 0.02% Open
ETH/USDT GateIo Bitmart 0.01% Open
ETH/USDT Mexc Binance 0.00% Open
ETH/USDT Mexc GateIo 0.00% Open
ETH/USDT Mexc KuCoin 0.02% Open
ETH/USDT Mexc Bitmart 0.01% Open
ETH/USDT Lbank Binance 0.01% Open
ETH/USDT Lbank GateIo 0.01% Open
ETH/USDT Lbank KuCoin 0.03% Open
ETH/USDT Lbank Mexc 0.01% Open
ETH/USDT Lbank Bitmart 0.02% Open
ETH/USDT Bitmart KuCoin 0.01% Open
BNB/USDT Binance GateIo 0.04% Open
BNB/USDT Binance Mexc 0.00% Open
BNB/USDT Binance Lbank 0.07% Open
BNB/USDT Binance Bitmart 0.03% Open
BNB/USDT GateIo Lbank 0.04% Open
BNB/USDT KuCoin Binance 0.01% Open
BNB/USDT KuCoin GateIo 0.05% Open
BNB/USDT KuCoin Mexc 0.01% Open
BNB/USDT KuCoin Lbank 0.08% Open
BNB/USDT KuCoin Bitmart 0.04% Open
BNB/USDT Mexc Binance 0.00% Open
BNB/USDT Mexc GateIo 0.04% Open
BNB/USDT Mexc Lbank 0.07% Open
BNB/USDT Mexc Bitmart 0.03% Open
BNB/USDT Bitmart GateIo 0.00% Open
BNB/USDT Bitmart Lbank 0.04% Open
NEO/USDT Binance Bitmart 0.00% Open
NEO/USDT GateIo Binance 0.09% Open
NEO/USDT GateIo Mexc 0.07% Open
NEO/USDT GateIo Lbank 0.00% Open
NEO/USDT GateIo Bitmart 0.09% Open
NEO/USDT KuCoin Binance 0.18% Open
NEO/USDT KuCoin GateIo 0.09% Open
NEO/USDT KuCoin Mexc 0.16% Open
NEO/USDT KuCoin Lbank 0.09% Open
NEO/USDT KuCoin Bitmart 0.18% Open
NEO/USDT Mexc Binance 0.02% Open
NEO/USDT Mexc Bitmart 0.02% Open
NEO/USDT Lbank Binance 0.09% Open
NEO/USDT Lbank GateIo 0.00% Open
NEO/USDT Lbank Mexc 0.07% Open
NEO/USDT Lbank Bitmart 0.09% Open
LTC/USDT Binance GateIo 0.00% Open
LTC/USDT GateIo Binance 0.00% Open
LTC/USDT KuCoin Binance 0.00% Open
LTC/USDT KuCoin GateIo 0.00% Open
LTC/USDT Mexc Binance 0.01% Open
LTC/USDT Mexc GateIo 0.01% Open
LTC/USDT Mexc KuCoin 0.01% Open
LTC/USDT Mexc Lbank 0.00% Open
LTC/USDT Lbank Binance 0.01% Open
LTC/USDT Lbank GateIo 0.01% Open
LTC/USDT Lbank KuCoin 0.01% Open
LTC/USDT Lbank Mexc 0.00% Open
LTC/USDT Bitmart Binance 0.01% Open
LTC/USDT Bitmart GateIo 0.01% Open
LTC/USDT Bitmart KuCoin 0.01% Open
LTC/USDT Bitmart Mexc 0.00% Open
LTC/USDT Bitmart Lbank 0.00% Open
ADA/USDT Binance Mexc 0.03% Open
ADA/USDT Binance Lbank 0.00% Open
ADA/USDT GateIo Binance 0.03% Open
ADA/USDT GateIo Mexc 0.05% Open
ADA/USDT GateIo Lbank 0.03% Open
ADA/USDT KuCoin Binance 0.05% Open
ADA/USDT KuCoin GateIo 0.03% Open
ADA/USDT KuCoin Mexc 0.08% Open
ADA/USDT KuCoin Lbank 0.05% Open
ADA/USDT KuCoin Bitmart 0.03% Open
ADA/USDT Lbank Binance 0.00% Open
ADA/USDT Lbank Mexc 0.03% Open
ADA/USDT Bitmart Binance 0.03% Open
ADA/USDT Bitmart GateIo 0.00% Open
ADA/USDT Bitmart Mexc 0.05% Open
ADA/USDT Bitmart Lbank 0.03% Open
XRP/USDT Binance KuCoin 0.04% Open
XRP/USDT GateIo Binance 0.01% Open
XRP/USDT GateIo KuCoin 0.04% Open
XRP/USDT GateIo Bitmart 0.00% Open
XRP/USDT Mexc Binance 0.02% Open
XRP/USDT Mexc GateIo 0.01% Open
XRP/USDT Mexc KuCoin 0.06% Open
XRP/USDT Mexc Bitmart 0.02% Open
XRP/USDT Lbank Binance 0.08% Open
XRP/USDT Lbank GateIo 0.08% Open
XRP/USDT Lbank KuCoin 0.12% Open
XRP/USDT Lbank Mexc 0.06% Open
XRP/USDT Lbank Bitmart 0.08% Open
XRP/USDT Bitmart Binance 0.00% Open
XRP/USDT Bitmart KuCoin 0.04% Open
EOS/USDT Binance GateIo 0.03% Open
EOS/USDT Binance KuCoin 0.02% Open
EOS/USDT Binance Mexc 0.00% Open
EOS/USDT Binance Lbank 0.03% Open
EOS/USDT Binance Bitmart 0.07% Open
EOS/USDT GateIo Lbank 0.00% Open
EOS/USDT GateIo Bitmart 0.04% Open
EOS/USDT KuCoin GateIo 0.02% Open
EOS/USDT KuCoin Lbank 0.02% Open
EOS/USDT KuCoin Bitmart 0.05% Open
EOS/USDT Mexc Binance 0.00% Open
EOS/USDT Mexc GateIo 0.03% Open
EOS/USDT Mexc KuCoin 0.02% Open
EOS/USDT Mexc Lbank 0.03% Open
EOS/USDT Mexc Bitmart 0.07% Open
EOS/USDT Lbank GateIo 0.00% Open
EOS/USDT Lbank Bitmart 0.04% Open
XLM/USDT Binance GateIo 0.04% Open
XLM/USDT Binance KuCoin 0.11% Open
XLM/USDT Binance Mexc 0.00% Open
XLM/USDT Binance Lbank 0.11% Open
XLM/USDT Binance Bitmart 0.04% Open
XLM/USDT GateIo KuCoin 0.07% Open
XLM/USDT GateIo Lbank 0.07% Open
XLM/USDT GateIo Bitmart 0.00% Open
XLM/USDT KuCoin Lbank 0.00% Open
XLM/USDT Mexc Binance 0.00% Open
XLM/USDT Mexc GateIo 0.04% Open
XLM/USDT Mexc KuCoin 0.11% Open
XLM/USDT Mexc Lbank 0.11% Open
XLM/USDT Mexc Bitmart 0.04% Open
XLM/USDT Lbank KuCoin 0.00% Open
XLM/USDT Bitmart KuCoin 0.07% Open
XLM/USDT Bitmart Lbank 0.07% Open
TRX/USDT Binance KuCoin 0.03% Open
TRX/USDT Binance Bitmart 0.00% Open
TRX/USDT GateIo Binance 0.01% Open
TRX/USDT GateIo KuCoin 0.04% Open
TRX/USDT GateIo Mexc 0.00% Open
TRX/USDT GateIo Lbank 0.00% Open
TRX/USDT GateIo Bitmart 0.01% Open
TRX/USDT Mexc Binance 0.01% Open
TRX/USDT Mexc GateIo 0.00% Open
TRX/USDT Mexc KuCoin 0.04% Open
TRX/USDT Mexc Lbank 0.00% Open
TRX/USDT Mexc Bitmart 0.01% Open
TRX/USDT Lbank Binance 0.01% Open
TRX/USDT Lbank GateIo 0.00% Open
TRX/USDT Lbank KuCoin 0.04% Open
TRX/USDT Lbank Mexc 0.00% Open
TRX/USDT Lbank Bitmart 0.01% Open
TRX/USDT Bitmart KuCoin 0.03% Open
ETC/USDT Binance GateIo 0.00% Open
ETC/USDT Binance KuCoin 0.02% Open
ETC/USDT GateIo KuCoin 0.02% Open
ETC/USDT Mexc Binance 0.04% Open
ETC/USDT Mexc GateIo 0.05% Open
ETC/USDT Mexc KuCoin 0.07% Open
ETC/USDT Mexc Bitmart 0.04% Open
ETC/USDT Lbank Binance 0.09% Open
ETC/USDT Lbank GateIo 0.09% Open
ETC/USDT Lbank KuCoin 0.11% Open
ETC/USDT Lbank Mexc 0.04% Open
ETC/USDT Lbank Bitmart 0.09% Open
ETC/USDT Bitmart Binance 0.00% Open
ETC/USDT Bitmart GateIo 0.00% Open
ETC/USDT Bitmart KuCoin 0.02% Open
VET/USDT Binance KuCoin 0.04% Open
VET/USDT Binance Mexc 0.04% Open
VET/USDT GateIo Binance 0.31% Open
VET/USDT GateIo KuCoin 0.35% Open
VET/USDT GateIo Mexc 0.35% Open
VET/USDT GateIo Lbank 0.20% Open
VET/USDT GateIo Bitmart 0.28% Open
VET/USDT KuCoin Mexc 0.00% Open
VET/USDT Mexc KuCoin 0.00% Open
VET/USDT Lbank Binance 0.12% Open
VET/USDT Lbank KuCoin 0.16% Open
VET/USDT Lbank Mexc 0.16% Open
VET/USDT Lbank Bitmart 0.09% Open
VET/USDT Bitmart Binance 0.03% Open
VET/USDT Bitmart KuCoin 0.07% Open
VET/USDT Bitmart Mexc 0.07% Open
BTC/USDC Binance GateIo 0.01% Open
BTC/USDC Binance KuCoin 0.02% Open
BTC/USDC Binance Mexc 0.02% Open
BTC/USDC Binance Bitmart 0.01% Open
BTC/USDC GateIo KuCoin 0.01% Open
BTC/USDC GateIo Mexc 0.01% Open
BTC/USDC KuCoin Mexc 0.00% Open
BTC/USDC Lbank Binance 0.00% Open
BTC/USDC Lbank GateIo 0.01% Open
BTC/USDC Lbank KuCoin 0.02% Open
BTC/USDC Lbank Mexc 0.02% Open
BTC/USDC Lbank Bitmart 0.01% Open
BTC/USDC Bitmart GateIo 0.00% Open
BTC/USDC Bitmart KuCoin 0.01% Open
BTC/USDC Bitmart Mexc 0.02% Open
ETH/USDC Binance GateIo 0.05% Open
ETH/USDC Binance KuCoin 0.01% Open
ETH/USDC Binance Mexc 0.01% Open
ETH/USDC Binance Bitmart 0.01% Open
ETH/USDC KuCoin GateIo 0.04% Open
ETH/USDC KuCoin Mexc 0.00% Open
ETH/USDC KuCoin Bitmart 0.00% Open
ETH/USDC Mexc GateIo 0.03% Open
ETH/USDC Lbank Binance 0.01% Open
ETH/USDC Lbank GateIo 0.06% Open
ETH/USDC Lbank KuCoin 0.02% Open
ETH/USDC Lbank Mexc 0.02% Open
ETH/USDC Lbank Bitmart 0.02% Open
ETH/USDC Bitmart GateIo 0.04% Open
ETH/USDC Bitmart Mexc 0.00% Open
USDC/USDT Binance KuCoin 0.00% Open
USDC/USDT Binance Mexc 0.00% Open
USDC/USDT Binance Bitmart 0.00% Open
USDC/USDT GateIo Binance 0.02% Open
USDC/USDT GateIo KuCoin 0.02% Open
USDC/USDT GateIo Mexc 0.02% Open
USDC/USDT GateIo Lbank 0.01% Open
USDC/USDT GateIo Bitmart 0.02% Open
USDC/USDT KuCoin Bitmart 0.00% Open
USDC/USDT Mexc Binance 0.00% Open
USDC/USDT Mexc KuCoin 0.00% Open
USDC/USDT Mexc Bitmart 0.00% Open
USDC/USDT Lbank Binance 0.01% Open
USDC/USDT Lbank KuCoin 0.01% Open
USDC/USDT Lbank Mexc 0.01% Open
USDC/USDT Lbank Bitmart 0.01% Open
LINK/USDT Binance GateIo 0.00% Open
LINK/USDT Binance Mexc 0.01% Open
LINK/USDT Binance Bitmart 0.00% Open